Hi, I’m Sonja Crystal Williams. I'm a seasoned digital marketer, social media trainer and consultant. I'm also a Virgo, a world-traveler, and much more to many people. But let's get back to marketing.

I am passionate about showing business owners how to get results when it comes to launching social media and digital marketing campaigns. To some of those business owners I'm a coach, to others I'm an advisor, and to some I'm a confidant and their "go-to" girl in a digital world that is constantly evolving.

For nearly 15 years, I've gained experience in sales and marketing. I led careers with companies such as NCR and Eli Lilly and eventually co-founded a boutique digital marketing agency in 2008 where I worked my way up in my own company, Go Getter Marketing Group, from providing consulting services to start-ups to managing and directing campaigns for a variety of projects with clients ranging from small/mid-sized businesses to government and corporate contracts.

Many of my clients love the fact that I get to know them personally and I truly understand their business-- a skill that is vital when you want to lead a business owner to success through social media channels. As I've grown in experience, I've had the opportunity to speak on stages universities and conferences such as the Digital Marketing Summit. I'm also a contributor to Huffington Post and BlogHer.

My passion for working with entrepreneurs is what drove me to develop this site.

I've run a successful boutique digital marketing agency for nearly ten years and I love what I do. But as my agency has grown, it has grown to service small and mid-sized businesses with funding in place to hire an agency to perform their services. But what do you do before you get to that point? You bootstrap, you look for ways to keep costs low, and you stay focused on your vision. I can help you achieve that vision by teaching you methods and techniques that will get you to your desired outcome faster....and eventually...when you're ready...then you can find an agency to do the heavy lifting.