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Social Media One-Day Immersive: Next Class January 2018

This is a live, virtual one-day training event available to a limited group of participants. This Social Media training is designed for business owners and marketers who want to enhance their social media strategy and marketing tactics and top social networks. This one-day course will cover in-depth how to more effectively manage Facebook fan pages, Facebook ads, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram and briefly touch on Pinterest and Snapchat. Participants will gain an understanding of the latest trends and updates on each social network to better understand how they can maximize growing their audience, fans, and generating leads and revenue.


Facebook Marketing Ultimate

Pre-enrollment for this this class is now open!

Next class begins February 2018.

This class is self-study and you can complete it at your own pace; however, I will have structured assignments and office hours available to keep you on track for 6-12 months.

Social Media Mastery

Pre-enrollment for this class will open in June 2017. Look out for details on when our first class will begin. Course outline and details coming soon. Class begins in October 2017.

This class is self-study and you can complete it at your own pace; however, I will have structured assignments and office hours available to keep you on track for 6-12 months.

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Here's what you get with my courses

1. Guidance

Each course is structured to give you guidance along the way through exercises and assignments designed to test your understand and enhance your skill level. Think of this as homework you need to get done in order to excel at the next level.

2. Coaching & Accountability

One of the biggest challenges business owners experience is "starting and stopping". Through additional coaching and accountability the likelihood of you following through on your goals greatly increases.

3. Community

You will be able to develop a sense of community and learn other wins or challenges business owners just like you are facing through private groups.

4. Office Hours

A few scheduled times per month will be set aside to answer any quick questions about assignments or hangups along the way so you can continue with growth and consistency in using social media to fast-track your brand's success.


The value in social media marketing

I have a few strong beliefs about launching into social media when you're a business, and how to skillfully do it when you're running the business on your own. I have outlined three of my top beliefs below because this is part of my philosophy that extends to students who choose to take my courses. I don't just want you to get good at posting or running ads on social media, I want you to create something sustainable for business and that requires YOUR VISION.

Belief 1: Intention

Think carefully about what your intentions are across various social media channels and the positive or negative impact or result it can have on your brand. Think strategically about how you plan to approach it and do so with intention.

Belief 2: Clarity

You need to have clarity in who you are and what you represent as a brand, who you are speaking to, and what you are saying to them.

Belief 3: Authenticity

Always be true to your brand on social media and convey imagery and messaging that keeps the feeling and tone of your communication authentic and genuine.


Those are my tips! See you in training.

-xoxo, Sonja