10 MM EP. 7 - Is It Better To Put Videos In Your Ads Or Pictures In Your Ads?

Facebook: Advertising

Introduction: (00:00-00:55)


Question 1: Is it better to put videos in your ads or pictures in your ads? (0:59)


Videos ads are great. They actually can be a lot cheaper than putting videos in your ads, but that doesn’t mean that they always convert. So you really need to be paying attention to conversion as well.


If your goal (1:52) is just to get a ton of viewerships, but not necessarily linked to sales video ads are a great way to go. The reason why is by default Facebook sets up your video ads so that you’re paying for view. You can pay under a penny for view or even just a penny for view.


Is there a time limit (2:35 ) to a Facebook ad or do you recommend how long a Facebook video ad should be?

It depends. If it is just a normal “run of the mill” ad it should be under 1 minute. You can use Facebook’s advertising platform to also advertise on Instagram, so you definitely want to keep it under 60 seconds from that standpoint. It can be longer, however that is usually more important for maybe a how-to video or demo video in terms of they type of ad you're doing. If someone may be interacting with your video those can be longer; try not to exceed two minutes though.


The nice thing about Facebook (3:55) and the reporting you get back is you can see how long people watch the video. So if you see people continuously cutting of the video, then it is suggested that you change your strategy.


Let’s say you have a brand  or a product (4:18) and it is e-commerce. Those videos can be really short (about 10-20 seconds)  Remember to put captions on the screen, because when the users scroll down their feed the video is on mute. If you have narration, not just music you need to have captions. Facebook does have a tool that auto-generates captions for you , but the accuracy man not always be correct. It also gives you the option to upload your own captions.


QUICK TIP: (5:25) In your video if you do want some likelihood to conversion, you need to have a call to action in there! Make people ask what do I do next? Where do I but these clothes?  Where can I sign up? Is this a sale? You want there to be something compelling for them to take the next step.  


Pictures and Phototype ads are the traditional way we have seen advertising before Facebook launched the concept of video advertising. With an image type and the cost per click you're playing can vary greatly depending on: who you're targeting, what time of day your ad is running, how many competitors who are also targeting for your ad.




  1. (6:52) Ads that have faces in them tend to do better. Remember you are on a social network where people are sharing photos of other people. From an advertising standpoint the likelihood of people liking you ad is higher.

  2. (7:12) Think about what you are going to say in that ad. The copy is very important Facebook has adjusted the limits on how much copy and how much text you can put above the ad depending on what type of ad your’e running.

  3. (7:33) Have a CALL TO ACTION! Just because it in a photo ad doesn’t change anything. You can use the image to put a call to action on it. Some people put text in the photo but don’t get crazy. Say what you have to say and put the rest in the copy above the ad. Facebook has the relaxed the policy of no more than  20%  text per photo, however if you go over your ad still won’t be shown as much.

*Photo ads will probably convert better.

* (8:42) If you are running a re-marketing campaign, then the likelihood of people converting is greatly amplified. Remarketing simply means they have been to you website and went back over to Facebook, and whatever they were looking at on your website pops back over to Facebook. Now they are familiar with your brand.


*Know your demographic. Try to get creating with your targeting, do they relate to your brand at all?

MARKETING IS ABOUT TRIAL AND MEASURE: (10:09)You need to be measuring how your ads are doing. What trends do you notice? Run a trial on the video vs. photo ads on the same topic and see which one does better. Stick with the one that getting the the return you're looking for or the cost you want it to cost.


Closing: (10:39)


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