10 MM EP. 8 - How Can I Find Good Hashtags To Use On Twitter And Instagram?

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Topic: How Do I Find Good Hashtags on Twitter and Instagram? (1:10)


TIP 1:  (1:10)Think separately about which hashtags to use on Instagram and which ones you will use on Twitter. The hashtags you use on Twitter and Instagram could be used differently on each social media platform. While they could be on in the same, they might be translated differently. A good example would be on Instagram, some people would put the hashtag #insta  in front of words like #instagood. However, the hashtag has no place in the Twitter universe. Or vice versa, if you were to use the hashtag #FollowFriday on Twitter which is not popular on Instagram.


TIP 2: (2:32) Research hashtags directly. Its very easy to start out with researching hashtags directly in the app and coming up with a list you can use. For example, pull up your Instagram app  and you would see the different icons on the bottom. Go to the magnifying glass icon a.k.a. search icon and start to type in a hashtag. (You don’t need the #) If you look to the  right you will see the number of times this hashtag was posted. You want to find hashtags that are being widely used across whatever app you are on because that will increase the likelihood of your post being seen, like, and commented on. Aim for the millions or hundred thousands!


Twitter: (5:41) They have the same ability to search for hashtags. The icon is located in the top section on the app and desktop. With Twitter, they will not tell you how many post they have been used on. You can scroll through and see what the hashtag is being used for, what the top posts are, and how many likes/ re tweets they receive.

The other cool thing about Twitter is that you can save your search.  You can save it your phone or desktop by clicking those three bars at the top right on  the app and a drop down on your desktop.


TIP 3: (7:20): Find websites that look for hashtags. One website is https://www.hashtags.org/ which is more relevant to hashtags you would use on Twitter. You could type in a hashtag and they will give you stats in the usage of that specific hashtag. And generate more ideas. For Instagram, you could use https://top-hashtags.com/instagram/. It gives you the count of public posts, generate new ideas of related hashtags.  It also puts the ideas into a copy and paste-able list that you could put into a spreadsheet or directly into the app. Remember to look the results carefully. Although it aims to group them on relevancy, it can put some in there that aren’t relevant.


Things To Think About:


  1. On Twitter, (9:07) you can embed the hashtags throughout the post or save them until the end. You only get up to 140 characters so keep your hashtags, short, concise, and popular! Think about using trending hashtags based in the trending topics bar which are simply things many people are talking about. You can sort them locally, globally, or even by U.S. trends. Sometimes there are hashtags associated and sometimes not. They are great for keeping your posts relevant and staying up on current events.

  2. With Instagram (10:18), you can have up to 30 hashtags in a single post because you could practically write a blog as a post because you have a high character count. However,  this can be way too much. I prefer to start with 5-8. Some people like to include them at the bottom of their posts and some people prefer to make another post with the hashtags.

  3. If using hashtags on Instagram, (11:30) don’t use the same hashtags on every single post. For example if you have 10 posts pre scheduled for the week then, you do not want the same ones on each post. If you do this Instagram might ghost your account which means they will start to hide you post after a while.


Closing (12:07)

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