10MM Ep. 1 - What Platform Should I Use To Market My Website?

Show Notes: What Platform Should I Use To Market My Website?


Question 1(1:00): If I have a new business and I want to get a website rebuilt that I already have, and I have another website that I’m trying to build what are my best options for both? 

A lot of business owners have gone the D.I.Y.  route in terms of building their website, however there is a healthy combination of owners who decided to hire someone. It really just depends on the purpose of the website. 


There are four Sonja likes to use:

  1. WIX (2:40): FREE

Pros: Very well laid out, Nice creative site, Inexpensive, Great starting place, Easy to drag & drop

Cons: Only works well with Embedding, Not as many plug ins, not as SEO friendly


Question 2: (5:05) If I already have a website and I’m trying to get it rebuilt , could I do WIX if I still wanted to? 

      2. Wordpress (5:40): FREE

Pros: SEO Friendly, Lots of plug-ins

Cons: Too many plugins can cause crash

Wordpress.com: Blogs, Great for just writing, Starter, Easy for DIY, No need to invest too much time. Less likely to be hacked, because it is being protected by Wordpress

Wordpress.org:  Self hosted (Needs a host builder such as godaddy.com, hostbuilder.com ).  Although not intentionally, it can be hacked. $10


     3. Shopify (8:40) $25 a month

Pros: Extremely easy to use, Very SEO friendly, Perfect for e-commerce, Very intuitive, Has a blog, Has a market of plug-ins

Cons: Great Starter Point, Not good for huge brands because it can crash


     4. SquareSpace (10:26)  $18 a month

Pros: If nonprofit, and you change hands often when it comes to managing text it is an excellent option, Lots of Plug Ins, Great for e-commerce

Cons: Not great for scale, if your site has a lot of clicks, it can crash.


What is SEO? (11:33)

Closing: (12:15)