10MM Ep. 2 - Should I Write My Own Blog Posts Or Hire A Writer?

Show Notes: Should I Write My Own Blog Posts Or Hire A Writer?


FAQ’S: 1:00

-If you have any questions about terms used in the podcast head over to the blog to search for it or look in the glossary of terms included in the post.


Question 1:  If I have a blog and I want some posts created should I write them or hire a writer? (1:28)


Option 1: You can do it yourself if interested in writing. If you have no interest don’t bother and save yourself the hassle! (1:50)

Should I do it myself?

-If your industry is extremely technical, and you have a hard time finding a writer who understands the terms.

-If you have an interest in writing. You should be writing 400 word blogs to get picked up by Google. If you have 1000-2000 word post that is a GREAT place to be! 8 posts a  month is ideal.

-There is a difference between writing for papers and writing for blogs. Have tone and personality to connect with your readers!

- Be consistent! Come up with a schedule of how often you will post and what you will talk about.


Option 2: Hire a Writer (4:35)

-Hire someone to do it for you that can cover your niche well!

Things to Know

-If you are going to hire a writer, some may need to know, what do you want me to write about.

-How often do they need to be submitting post to you?

-It can go beyond blog posts maybe it will expand into social media posts or updating the website.


Websites to Find Writers (6:00)

  1. Upwork.com: It is a freelance marketplace. Great place to find writers for certain projects. Pays directly to the writer.

  2. Hirewriters.com: Article Writing Service 

-These sites are basically all marketplaces for freelance writers.


Costwise: (7:15)

-$25-50 per post (Intermediate. Has been writing for a while but not much background on the field.)

-$100 per post (Expert level. Great background/ experience)

Tell them how many words you want . Minimum is $300.


Option 3: Hire A Writing Agency (9:00)

-The Package: It won’t be just about writing but the strategic side of things. They will help you think through a strategy.

-Subject Development: They will be very proactive when it comes to developing topics, themes, and planning out exactly what you will talk about.

-The Editing Process:You will have an editing team that go through fact checking, background, etc.


*Sometimes it can be just as inexpensive as hiring a writer! It just depends on what they work with you on and what size agency you work with. Pick the right size that goes with your goals and marketing budget for your company.


Closing: (11:30)

Sonja Williams