10MM Ep. 3 - Which Social Media Networks Should I Use To Promote My Business?

*Which Social Media Networks Should I Use To Promote My Business?

Question 1(1:15): What social networks should I use for my business?

  • Be where your audience is when it comes to social media.
  • Don’t stretch yourself too thin! If you are not sure you can handle 4-5 social media accounts and update them consistently, reserve your name and wait before you make your account active.
  • The nature of social networks will evolve. Things will change and so do the popularity of social media networks.
  • Think about what makes sense for your business. Where do you want to build your brand?

Let’s talk about the BIG ONES **

1. Facebook (4:20):

Pros: Great go to place, SEO friendly, Great place for sales, Balance promotional content with social content! (Show personality) Facebook Live: Show your culture , What you're doing in the industry, conferences, and how to tips for videos. Video Advertising is the new trend.

Cons: In order to use Facebook Live, you must download and learn to operate the Facebook app

2. Youtube (6:49)

  • Second largest search engine in the world
  • Use the description section
  • Great storage for posting videos in other places
  • Youtube Live: A great innovation for people using Google Hangouts

Openbroadcast.com: service that allows you to do a live stream or either a simulated live stream. You can pre record and use open broadcast to play it on your networks as if it is live.

3. Twitter (9:05) -Periscope is owned by Twitter.

Twitter Live: You can repurpose your blog posts and different people will see it each time. If you're not into the whole hashtags or don’t want to do Twitter it still is a great place to do research and find influencers to interact with your brand.

4. Instagram: (10:20)


  • Great for creatives
  • Instagram Live & Instagram Stories
  • Millennials and Gen X are the prominent users
  • Alot more people are getting on there and it is beginning to overtake a lot of other social media. Ads & sponsorships are also on them

Cons: Mostly Mobile, not on desktop

5. Linkedin (12:03) Over 50% of users are men

  • Business Natured, the way you say things should be a bit more formal
  • Great place for PR and announcements for company
  • Great place to showcase brands
  • More larger companies and corporate will be on Linkedin

6. Snapchat (13:33)

Be careful how you use it as a business.

Use if:

  • You have a brand that targets you
  • You have a brand that grows with you (Coca a Cola, Mc Donalds)

There are over 150 million active users.

They juust released IPO, and changes will happen overtime.

7. Pinterest (14:49)

-Men are a fast Growing demographic on Pinterest

-Searching if your company does secondary research (research you do on Google or through social media)

-Great place to show visuals (blog posts, headers, thumbnails, infographics, etc.)

-Ask the question: Who is pinning related to your particular niches? Is it an enough amount of people for you and your business?

Closing (16:30)

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