10MM Ep. 4 - How Do I Use Facebook Stories For My Business?

How do I Use Facebook Stories For My Business?

Facebook Stories vs Snapchat: (1:40)

Question 1

Do you think Facebook Stories will replace Snapchat? (1:52)

Because Snapchat was here first and everyone is already accustomed to using S.C, Facebook stories are more likely to be used less and by an older generation. Adjust the social media according to your brand audience.

-Facebook Stories seems to be a bit more mature and grown up in terms of filters, 1 minute video

-Snapchat gives a more playful, fun vibe and is meant for a younger crowd, 10 second video

How To Find Facebook Stories (4:30)

Look up in top left corner. The camera is how you post your own stories. It will only be there 24 hours. You can share directly to your friends. There is a new inbox in your account that specifically goes to your Facebook stories. Get familiar with it and ask people to comment comments to see where they go. You have about a minute to record. Pictures on your gallery can also be uploaded too.

Between video and pictures, which is more effective for a company? (7:30)

If you are thinking about how to use it for business would be like a short how to video or a behind the scenes on events. Think about how it matches with your brand in terms of photos, don’t just put up a plain advertisement have personality! Maybe give a sneak peek on your brand and have people comment what they think it is.

Closing (11:04)

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