10MM Ep. 5 - Is There An Easy Or Better Way To Preschedule Posts On Facebook?

Is There An Easy Or Better Way To Pre-Schedule Posts on Facebook?

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Question 1: (1:25)

What do you think about pre-scheduling post?

My favorite one to uses is Tweetdeck. These are mainly for Twitter though. However all my apps are connected. You can also Sendible.

**(2:10)If you’ve got a business page and you're thinking, how do I pre-schedule my posts, there are several options for you:

You can post directly in Facebook and pre-schedule your posts. It can be good for maybe a freelancer, and you would like an idea of what they are going to post.

1. Link for HootSuite (3:00) :http://signup.hootsuite.com/pro-ent-na-english-r10/?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=selfserve-bau-na-en--us-pua-google_search_branded_beta-&utm_term=%2Bhootsuite%20%2Bschedule&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIpYK91beT1QIVgiWBCh1YLwnREAAYASAAEgKf5_D_BwE Hootsuite is a pre-scheduling post service that is $10 a month. There is a free trial.

Pros: You could link your different social media accounts. You can have post go out to all at one time, However that is not recommended because you want your different audiences to connect with what you are trying to say. You want to change up the message and add personality.

You should: -Copy the Facebook post and paste it in new post and add hashtags. It goes both ways. If you have a post for Twitter copy and paste it into a new window for the Facebook post and remove hashtags. You want to be authentic in order to brand yourself.

Mobile Scheduling Tool: Later Bro (http://laterbro.com/ro )(6:45) It will let you pre-schedule particularly with Instagram. It won’t send you an email and remind you to post. It will load it into Instagram and all you would have to do is press the send button. It also connects with Twitter and Facebook as well.

Buffer: A Pre-scheduling tool for social media. www.buffer.com

Closing: 10:05

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