10 MM EP. 6- Should I Do SEO On My Own Or Hire Someone?

SEO Friendly...What is that?

Introduction: 00:00-0:59

Question 1: 01:00 Should I do SEO’S on my own or should I hire someone?

Doing It On Your Own:

The 1st question you should ask yourself is: Do I want to develop a new skill? (1:19)

Evaluate based on which business you’re in and how much time you want to devote to you marketing. How deep into the SEO world do you want to be? What are you going to do with it?

Evaluate from a budget standpoint. Can I realistically hire a company to do Search Image Optimization(SEO)  for me?

If your answer is YES! I can do this I want to dive in and do the SEOS on my own, then read along and pay attention. Of course,you need to have your website already up!


There are 2 types of SEO’S: (2:10)

On Page: This is mainly for people new to SEO and if you are a local business for you to have some quick ranks on Google and begin to appear possibly as #1 on Google for something other than your business.  For example if you have a shoe store in Atlanta, named Sandra’s and you want your brand to be number one through keywords associated with your store.

-Make your keywords stand out. It helps to have the location associated with your domain. So you would say eddiesshoestore.atlanta.com/. This would be quick win in terms of SEO. If you already have a domain, you could but multiple domains that point back to your original website.

-Another quick win is buying your domain out further, instead of just 1 year. Buy about 5-10 years because that is great for SEO’s. It shows search engines that your site has longevity and you plan on sticking around, and gives you a better chance of ranking.  


There are tools that offer keyword research: (4:30)

1.Google Keyboard Research Planner (must be logged in to Google)

2. Ubersuggest (not free)

This tells you if there is high competition for this world, medium, or low. Remember to have a good mix of them in order to maximize your number of clicks. (5:46)

Once you’ve found 2 or 3 really good keywords, go in and start to really incorporate them in your site. It can be on site’s text, vlog, meta-descriptions, page titles, etc. If you have a Wordpress site, they have a really cool plugin called Yoast that actually helps guide you through on page SEO.  (6:43)


*If you're writing blog content, your word count needs to be about 300-400 words, and over time as you blog more your post will get longer and be sure to stay on topic and incorporate the keywords. (7:35)

  • When you get a website, even though it is not something you would like to write about, be sure to have a blog because Google loves content. MORE CONTENT = BETTER SEO

*If you are a local business, be sure to have your businesses on all the directory listings like Google Places, Yahoo Business, Bing Business, Yellow pages, Facebook, Fourscore, Yelp.

To find your listings and take a look head over to Moz Local to see what your listing looks like across multiple directories. (8:40)

  • A lot of  sites/ apps that will do the listings for you. If you were to cancel service, you could lose your listings.


IF YOU HIRE:   They should be doing all of those things we discussed previously for you. Unless you make an agreement where you will do on page and they will do off page or vice versa.  It should take about 3-6 months  to rank on Google. However if you hire someone, ask them again how long will it take to rank. BE WARY of someone who guarantees a first page rank on SEO.  They should say they have results or track record because you don’t know what your competitors are doing.(11:13)


IF THEIR HANDLING OFFLINE: You will do a lot of link building, which refers to the process of getting external pages to link to a page on your website. It is one of the many tactics used in search engine optimization (SEO).  It’s sort of like a vote for popularity for your website. For example if AJC writes an article about this growing trend of designer shoes and they mention Eddie’s shoe store. That is great for your brand because they have created a backlink to you and it better because AJC is a known credible trusted website.  (12:48)


*When you hire someone make sure they are building backlinks with credible, authoritative websites, not spammy websites. To know this you should be receiving a monthly report on what sites you are backlinked to, what keywords they are optimizing your site for, and where you rank. If they cannot deliver these simple requests it may be time for you to step away. (13:43)


QUICK TIP: For photo based websites, when you upload it make sure it has some good keywords and in the alternate text description include your brand because Google does not read pictures, it reads text. (14:43)

Closing: (15:27)


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